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PKRA France final day round up

The PKRA Course racing continued with 3 or 4 races each day. The course varied and many of the competitors not doing so well started to drop out with Fatigue! Men and Woman raced together with the most exciting day on Thursday with 30knots of wind and a breaking swell that built out of nowhere. The buoys became buried and it was all about survival. This was my best day, finishing 4th overall, just behind Sean! I won the Ladies racing with 9 points, in second was Gina from Spain on 24points and Fabienne (French) with 26points. After 7 days of racing everyone was ready to leave with thoughts and ideas on how to win at the next PKRA which will be held in Portimao in July.


The Saturday after the event we headed to the Cable park just near Port Leucate. Aaron had informed the boys he would be there along with the Cable world champion! A bright sunny day and this place was just insane. We had a great deal at 10euro’s for however long and the kids went for 5euro’s.We watched Aaron for a while who was landing sick moves with huge pop, making it look SOOO easy. He was by far the best rider out. The boys got onto the platform with no fear and Ollie went off easily and boosted a huge ralley within 5minutes which received a huge applaud. Tom and Guy managed to go a little way before falling and were happy to be part of the scene. It was a bordies over wettie day for sure and Ollie had his boardies below his bum! I attempted a few ralleys, realised very soon it was all a bit more tricky than it looked. The whole Cable experience was awesome and I would recommend it to any kitesurfer or freestylist wanting to improve. By the time we got to the beach this afternoon the wind was 25knots from the south, this place is just windy all the time. Its either blowing hard mistral or from the south and the forecast is always showing less wind than what there is!

10 days of racing is finally over!