Local LIVE conditions

A morning briefing at 8am was had in a bitter north mistral wind with the sun low in the sky and the last thing most people wanted to do was climb into a wet 5mm wettie! The double elimination was the order of the day until 4pm when the course racing would begin. It was 5 or 7mtr weather and it was all about timing the squalls with the right kite size. Not a lot different to the Uk really! In the ladies, Johara went through to her third heat & Jo Wilson got through 2 heats before getting knocked out even after landing an aerial handle pass. Gisela went on to winn undeniably with powered kite loops, slims and doing everything more powered than Bruna.

In the mens, it was Kevin that took the PKRA Title for France with more tricks in his heat than Aaron . Kevin had been clever to have an extra kite in the air ready to go if the wind dropped so with the bigger kite he was able put on a show that was a blinder. Another one getting the crowds going was Ruben Lenten free-riding with the biggest kite loop we had EVER EVER seen. Forget watching these on Utube, to see Len 10’s mega loops in the flesh is just amazing. Done in a white wetsuit with a spin of the bar in mid air along with a tweaked grab, Ruben definitely kept the crowds happy today.

By 4pm the course racing began in a strengthening mistral. Sean Farley (North) continued to dominate the mens with Sami close behind in 2nd. Steph Bridge (north) secured a 1st & 2nd place on a kite and board that all of the men were over-powered on. During the evening Mr Franz Olry was to be seen supporting his new kite and pulling off tricks that Robby Naish would be proud of but also showing us that he can do ALL the new school stuff too. This guy is another of the sports legends.

Tomorrow is more racing with freestyle day off.