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Norway SnowKite Trip 2018

What do you get if you combine 2 of the best ever sports into a multi -dimensional sport??

Snowkiting really is just this – Ski/ Boarding/ Kiteskills/ Jumping/upwind / Downwind/ Terrain reading/ hill climbing/drifting and one of the best places to learn the sport & progress is Norway. Huge expanses of Open Terrain on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, Noways largest National Park allows all wind directions & distance possibilities

Each day would start with a huge Haugastol Breakfast of eggs, Nowegian Bread, hams, Cheeses,fruit etc. Flasks of hot Coffee were filled, lunches made and we all made the voyage to the Plateau.

Since the east Wind was blowing all week, the west side of the Plateau picked up more wind & more sunshine so this is where the sessions were had. ‘Dyranut’ was ideal with flatter sections for learning and exploring while on the opposite side of the road there was progression to Hill climbing. Getting confident in ‘looping the kite a key skill to get around this was introduced early & everyone got the hang of it.

The Unusually colder temperatures (less 15- 20 degree’s) meant that lunch breaks were spent in the car before another session in the afternoon that involved a journey. Heading off with a kite travelling at 20 – 30knots across open vast terrain in soft snow is the best ever feeling. Finding bowls of powder, ridges of carve turns & hills to practice jumping, we had incredible conditions to enjoy the best ever playground.

A stunning drive back down the mountain at the end of the day to enjoy beer in the warm, friendly environment of the Haugastol to discuss the adventures of the day. Evening dinner a huge selection of salad, meat, potatoes and a ridiculous pudding allowed us to be ready to do it all again the following day.  Many of the group cross-country skied with head torches after dinner and were often rewarded with an incredible night sky display of stars. What better activity than to cross country ski across a lake in the pitch black and witness the whole world above you?

We thank Mark Trout, Paul, Ray T, Mark D, Ray G & John for joining Eric and I in Norway for this incredible few days of snow kiting. We shall return around the same time next year so be sure to book your spot!!