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Norway Snowkite 2019 week 1

The March pilgrimage to The Haugastol for a coaching week of snow kite would not be the same without a small adventure on the way up from Oslo to the plateau:  a 4 hour drive through snow & drifts with some issues reading google maps! A warm welcome of food & drink, gear up of ski boots and crash out in the comfort of the hotel.
Day 1 was a baptism of fire, straight on it with skis and kites in the air getting the hang of going back and forward while understanding how to go and upwind and downwind. The wind increased fast while on our first mini trip across the lake of Laegreid and gave everyone a chance to learn to edge while getting back upwind at the end of the day.
Day 2 was light with a most spectacular warm sunny feel. We took the drive across the Plateau for morning coffee at Dyranut followed by a visit to Eidefjord. A calm incredible clean view of the Fjord, lunch then head back up find some wind over at Orteren where a light ‘katabatic’ had arrived. Playig with foil kites & understanding Rigging, launching, looping was the learning and was a great vibe to have more time learn these skills.
Day 3  & a Trip to a spot an hour away – Vasstulan 1100- maybe 10knots less wind but still 30knots. We took it in turns to experience the crazy spirit while a roof rack strap was used to tow people while snowkiting on 4 & 5mtr kites. It was not a day to do alot more so the group split & some went for downhill skiing at Geilo while others walked up the mountains & skied back down. Again, evening cross country skis came out for the stroll around the quiet dark lake. Norway skies, full moon & we embraced the after dinner cool down before another long sleep.
Day 4 and the final day began with sunshine & less wind (still 25knots) however the small kites went up and we were off on the lake cruising back & forward for those learning while others clocked up the miles and went up & down the lake a few times while learning to jump off some of the large kickers at the sides of the lake. Not a day to climb but a great day to travel and get a feeling of this huge sport on this huge terrain. The feeling of freedom & sensation of travelling 40knots across the snow with not a person in sight & just the shapes & sculptures that get formed by this hostile environment.
The whole group safe & back celebrating their new found kitesport love over a beer before packing & making the trip back to Oslo for the return flight to GB.