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North Vegas 08 Review

We have now been riding the new north 08 Vegas for about 3 months and thought it about time to get a review stuck up on the website!

So what’s the kite all about? The answer is its all about ultimate free ride performance. This has to be the smoothest, fastest, most exciting 5 line traditional shape kite available today. The build quality is all that you would expect from North, strong, simple and light. The kite features a really skinny leading edge and probably the smallest diameter struts available. This is what gives it the speed through the window and the awesome turn rate. The kite flies on a standard North 5 line bar.

On the water the first thing you notice is the speed through the air it must be the fastest kite about. This speed also allows a good rider to use a smaller kite than normal for a given windspeed. The kite is super stable in the sky and very ballenced which allows you to make errors and get away with them. Jumping is excellent with great height but not as much float as you would get on say a rebel or a rhino so you tend to come down for the landings a bit faster. Kiteloops are the real thing with plenty of power throughout the turn and fast landings. Unhooked is where the kite really comes into its own and flies immaculately with no hint of back stall. The perfect tool for the handle pass brigade.

Wave riding is also fantastic with this kite for 2 reasons firstly the fast turn rate allowing you to put the kite where you want it and the kites balance allowing you to stall the kite and still recover the kite before it hits the drink.


De-power is fantastic compared with older style c shape kites and although not as much as a flatter kite is still plenty for most good riders. Re launch is straightforward for anyone used to relaunching a 5 line kite.

Norh Vegas 08

In summary this kite represents the pinnacle of performance kitesurfing. For all those that vowed never to return to c shape kites when they found bow’s should give it a demo as you may be surprised how much you like it. For anyone that has a Vegas 06 and loves it now’s the time for an upgrade as this is the real deal!