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North Evo review by Sam Moore.

Twas a fine summers day… NOT! Saturday March 29th was an absolutely howling day and my brain couldn’t quite grasp the fact that the 10m torch probably wouldn’t handle the 40knt+ gale. But me and the old man trundled down to Exmouth anyway. After meeting with Steph, she amazingly offered to let me try the brand new 5m North Evo she had, and although I’d never flown smaller than a 10m, I had to give it a go. I had heard a lot about this kite and was getting really excited when i got handed the reins, wait no, bar of this beast. Really nice clean bar with 4 or 5 line setup, (I had 4 line) with good clean looking QR and leash coming down through the bar to the CL. Extremely quick pump up of each of the struts (not one pump) I discovered the mahusive LE on this thing, which made me more excited, as this slows the kite down which helps loads with smaller kites so they are not too nippy. Quick run to the beach and super easy line attachment with only 4 points, the setup looks so simple. Quick launch from the father and we were out on the water. Really nice power delivery with this kite, so long as you know how to get it, too steep a dive and it will just throw you away. There is only one word to describe the jumping ability on this kite = FUN!!! From what I’d heard it was a beginner kite, but when you send this thing hard it will rip you off the water like a deprived german shepherd spotting next doors cat. After half an hour of getting used to the monstrous amount of height I was getting with this thing I decided to go for a big one… WHAM! kite rockets me into the air, and as I leave the waves behind I jam both hands on one side of the bar and as the kite loops level with me I feel almost weightless as it returns to the zenith and saves me from the huge drop back down to the mucky muck below. I dive the kite before landing, and in the huge spray I kick out I lose control for one second. I can feel the kite stop pulling as it hits the water, so I grab the left of the bar to pull me back and as I wipe my eyes I see the kite just sitting up out over the waves like “well come on then, fly me!” I’m sat there in shock, expecting this to be concussion, this kite can’t just launch itself! it is probably one of the best features of a small kite IMO and this EVO surpassed any expectations of mine. Really nice bar pressure with good power, easy cleat depower and amazing jumping and relaunch ability. Definitely a recommendation for your quiver. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo81LqsiNXg&feature=related[/youtube]