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Naish Torch 2009

After flying the 09s for a few weeks now I’ve gotten used to the setup and how the kites fly so decided finally to write a review. So lets start with bar setup

Bar Setup
The bar this year for the Torch is super solid, it’s got the SMART Loop which allows for super reliable Chicken Loop Release which cannot clog up with sand. It also has the trim system where you pull in the CL line with a cleat and has a really dramatic effect on the power of the kite. So much so that you can just pull in the line half an inch and go from well overpowered to just right, depending on your preference. You also have the bar size option which makes changing bar size so much easier. Literally pull out the line anchor in the bar ends and flip it around and change the size of your bar from 21” to 19”! This only takes 10 seconds!

The Torch in the sky
When you get this kite up it is defiantly one of the most noticeable kites with its shiny white wingtips and bright graphics designs. This is nice compared to some other kites which have faded colours and designs.
When flying, the bar feels nicely connected, with light bar pressure that increases as you pull in. The kite reacts amazingly fast due to its Direct Response technology and may take some people a while to get used to as it can surprise you how fast it is.

On the Water
This kite really pulls once you start pointing upwind, Its a lot more powerful than the 08 but also has like 3 times the depower. I’ve felt that it really allows you to be perfectly powered in almost every session which helps tonnes for learning new tricks and also in perfecting your other ones.
Not only is this kite built for New school/wakestyle riders but it has the biggest windrange, which leaves room for some serious height to be had! After only 2 weeks on this kite I’ve had my biggest jumps ever and haven’t even been maxed out! Also, when other kiters have been working their kites to plane, I’ve been making my way nicely upwind with this beast, it definitely pulls in lighter winds.

I think this kite is ideal for anyone either wanting to get into the more freestyle aspect of the sport or already doing it. This kite is definitely one of the best Kites on the market and is #1 for Freestyle kiting in my opinion. It gives huge depower, similar to a lot of SLE kites, Massive pop that gives more time to do tricks, and huge jumps that will please even the most hardcore old schoolers! A perfect kite for any quiver!

Cheers, Sam Moore