Local LIVE conditions

Edge Watersports Report


Monday: Strong NW winds, a day of windsports for the experienced with small kites/wings/sails. I’d suggest a lunchtime session for wingers  off the seafront for some flat water action or a late afternoon/early evening session in the river for kitesurfing. Be careful launching and landing in the strong and potentially squally winds. Probably a bit strong for beginners to be out learning so wait for later in the week when it calms off.

Tuesday: Repeat of Monday, perhaps a little less wind but still likely to be 9m weather!

Wednesday: What a week…..the NW continue but reducing in strength and now suitable for learners as well as experienced riders. Evening session on the duckpond for kiting/learning or afternoon session off the front for kitefoiling/wingfoiling.

Thursday: Lighter winds Thursday….time for a rest for those that  have been out early in the week and prepare for the South Westerlies coming for the weekend. Still valuable hours on the water to be gained on Thursday for  those learning. Evening session on the duckpond for new kiters!

Friday: Changover day with a potentially calm morning followed by building South Westerly winds. Great session for all windsports around the low mid/late afternoon.

Weekend: Fingers crossed the south westerly stays around for an evening session for all windsports around the low tide.

Seafront Click here for Duck pond