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Tuesday 7th July :

We start the day with some paddleboarding -Ideal off Exmouth Duck Pond – HW9am before the wind builds from the W/SW.  Windsports working off Exmouth Seafront from 1400 with LW 1500hrs & staying good all afternoon/ Evening. Great afternoon for improving/ Learning -best off Pole sands with busy beach & Maer Rocks Bay now has a swim zone. YOUTH ACADEMY STARTING 9TH JULY 1600HRS.  Afternoon paddling off Maer Rocks Bay & Orcombe from 1400. Both weather stations working so check for conditions.  Check IG (edgewatersportsuk) for updates. SHOP OPEN FROM 9.00am Check the online shop. Tel 01395222551  info@edgewatersports.com

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Duck Pond Seafront