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Kitesurfers : Don’t Get Rescued on the Seafront

lifeguards.jpg  All Kitesurfers need to be aware that they are being closely monitored with their actions on the seafront.  The lifeguards have been told to make a note of all instance when a kitesurfer is either rescued, gets in the way of boats in the channel, enters the swimming area, or crashes their kite on the beach.

It is pretty clear that their are people in positions of power that want to ban us from the seafront.  It is down to us to make sure this doesnt happen, and the way people kite out there will make the difference.  So please dont get rescued unless absolutely necesssary if you can swim in.  Most importantly keep well clear of all boats especially yachts and comercial boats this needs to be both up and downwind.  Yesterday there were instances of kiters sailing very close to yachts etc this has to stop. Please make it clear you are getting out of the way by getting across to the sand bar or back to the beach and leaving the channel  clear.

Its all down to self regulation if you see someone sailing dangerousley or about to do something stupid dont ignore it and have a word.  Have a good weekend out there.