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King Of The Exe

The first ever King Of the Exe went down off Exmouth Seafront on Saturday 13th October.

With over 25 entries from all over the UK and a 35knot forcast the decision to reduce the numbers was taken. A selection of experienced riders with competition knowledge including British, European and past champions.
The line up was fierce and just as the heats were drawn, the sunshine appeared and the show was about to begin. Spectators lined the beach and pedestrians walking past watched  the air display of highly skilled mega loops, board offs,  boogie loops and aerial Dynamics.
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Organized by Edgewatersports, event coordinator Steph Bridge was really impressed with how the format worked saying how easy it was for people to follow. A 4 trick per person heat with an order of riders allowed people to better their last trick and work out what they needed to do to get their score higher to advance to the next round.
Supporting the event, Red Bull came with the truck, sounds and a videographer to film the days action.
The biggest surprise was when Tom Bridge who was in the first round missed his landing on his kiteloop KGB which saw him make an early evacuation leaving his older brothers Guy and Olly to battle it for the podium places.
Local riders had Alot to prove with strong competition from Oli Sweeney and Robin Snuggs. There was Alot of pressure on, following Olly Bridge taking the new UK woo record of 24.6mtrs the previous day. Olly on his flysurfer soul kite was giving the croud a huge air display but this was not enough to take him to the final. Guy,s huge boogie loop in the semis gained him a place in the final while Robin and Oli Sweeney were  insistent on going big on late loops and spins. These 3 made it to the final and with an easing wind the riders we’re really trying to find that extra gust to gain some more height.
The king of the Exe 2018 was given to Oli Sweeney, with Guy Bridge 2nd and Robin Snuggs 3rd.
The winner was awarded a GoPro 7 kindly donated by Redbull.
On behalf of Edgewatersports a massive thanks to the judges Sukie Robertson, Harry Goode, Tom Beaton. To the BKSA , Holly Bendall Redbull support, to Eddie Hooper for making the trophy and Eric Bridge for the idea! Baxter Bradford Photography for the superb images.
Edge watersports will be organising the Devon Youth Freestyle & Tt racing Championships next week. The weather window is between 23- 26th October and will be either at Westward Ho or Exmouth.