Local LIVE conditions
Hunstanton BKSA second round

 guy-running-up-the-beach.jpg                                                                                           WORDS BY OLLY BRIDGE:   The edge crew travelled to hunstanton on the Friday night, it took 6 hours. Tom Bridge listened to the song ‘flow rider low’–we were so bored at the end. Mum was tired from the driving, we went to sleep at one of mums friends house  he used to work at edge, he had a really funny dog which was called taf-fi; guy bridge was really scared of dogs so he did no like him.Day 1We woke up really tired we had to be at the event site for half nine, so John -mums friend cooked us bacon buttes, john always made them for breakfast. So after we were filled we headed for hunstanton when we were looking out side it looked about 4 knots- we hoped for it to pick up.  There was no wind on Friday so they could not run the pro men and ladies so they had to get all of the categories done in two days. The Bridges went to enter & in our goode bags we got a buff, this is one of the vent sponsors. At the riders briefing they said there was not going to be not very windy so they called it off until the after noon.. So the edge crew played football and watched the life style event witch is skate boarding, roller skating and bmxing, they were pulling off back flips it was amazing. At about four o’clock they had a riders briefing they said that we were going to have start at a new beach called heacham they had to start there because at hunstanton is not as good when the when the tide is in comes up, it comes up to the wall and you can not kite we had to wait until 100 meters or more of the beach had dried up. After mum thought that there was enough wind for her on the race board– there was about 5 knouts but she still went out. It was off shore she did not seem to be going up wind. In the end she still could not go up wind so the Jet Ski came out and rescued her. When she came it she said it was embarrassing. At about 6 o’clock the Bridglets went back and went to sleep at john and taf-fi house but first we watched a funny film. We got tired so we went to bed.Day 2We had to get up and leave by 7.45 we were very very tired. When we go to the site we had missed the briefing but Ned said that we had to go to heacham. And they were going to do the pros first but we went to watch. It took about 10 mins to get there. We had a video talking to us and ‘Guy was really stupid!!Nicky was up it the second heat she said she was up with easy person. The green flag was up and she started with a front loop grab and the other person was not doing that much tricks the heats were not very long only 5 minis so it was over fast. She said she had a good heat but she had found out that she had lost she was not very happy. In 10 mins she was up again and her main competition were Hannah Whitely. And the green flag is up and she pulls out of the bag a front loop with a grab and lands a rally to blind and Nicky saw so she tries it and crashes. And the red flag is up. She went to see the leader board and she had seen that she had lost —she was disappointed.Ned’s first heat was 10 min away- he launched his kite & was up against one of the best –Sam light, he came second at the last one. The green flag is up & Ned is coming to the left with a slim as first trick Sam light saw it and lands a slim, and then a front mobe. Ned coming in and sticks a front mobe, Ned goes out and crashes a 313. Then the red flag is up the heat is over. Ned comes in and finds out that he has lost but he goes through. Ned waits 15 mins until his next heat.And Ned is up against James Baldin and Ali Barret and the green flag is up Ned on the 10 Meter going out and sticks a nice kiteloop slim and the crowd love it they are Going nuts he lands a slim, Ali crashes a kiteloop handle pass, James lands a slim Ned Comes in and crashes a kiteloop mobe. The crowd are cheering him on, and he comes in And goes for a kiteloop mobe again and lands it. And the heat is over Ned finds out that James has beaten him so he is out. From Exmouth the bridglets are the only ones left. We Packed up fast and and went back to hunstanton. We took all the kites down and rigged Up. Tom was up first. And the green flag is up and he goes out and lands a shifty to Rapped, coming in lands a rally to blind. And the red flag is up tom comes second in his Heat he is through. I  am up next I go out and land a rally to rapped now coning in and Land a rally to blind I am going out and land an s bend coming in and crash a back to Blind. And the red flag is up. I got through so now I skip a heat. Guy’s heat is next and the Green flag is up guy goes and pulls a back loop then a kite loop. He comes in with a grab.  And the heat is over. Guy comes second so he is in the same heat as tom. They have About 20 mins until thier heat.  They launch their kites -guy on the 7 and tom on the 6. And the green flag is up tom Comes in with an s bend. Guy goes for a big jump with a grab lands with a butt check. Martin who they are up with lands a rally to blind tom coming in and lands a back to Blind.  Guy comes in with a back loop. And the heat is over. Tom finds out that he has won so guy and martin are out. Tom goes into the semifinals.Tom is up and he is on the 7 powered and against Dan Sweeny, he up against guy in his first heat. And the heat is on tom goes out with s bend comes in with a back to blind. Nobody else Has done anything yet. And he wins the heat. He is in the finals I am up next and the green Flag is up I am on the nine land a rally to rapped. Coming in and land a rally to blind. And The red flag is up. I am in the finals.  With tom. And the green flag is up me, tom and Dan  I go out and land a rally to rapped, Dan lands A blind judge, tom comes and lands a Back to blind. I come in and land rally to blind and the heat is over. They would not tell us the results until the prise giving. So we got change and went to thePrize giving. In the end I came second and tom came third. 

Thanks for the bkas and mum and people that helped us. Look forward to the next event.