Local LIVE conditions
Exe Kiteboarders Meeting Grove pub 8pm this Monday


Its your chance to get involved in the local politics of kitesurfing and help maintain the access we enjoy locally.  The club has been a bit low profile in the last couple of years but hopefully we can get some more events organised in the near future.

We also need proactive people to go to meetings with council officials etc and promote kitesurfing as agreat sport and important for the local community and economy.

The meeting is at the Grove pub this coming Monday (5th October) at 8pm.  Food is available at the pub for anyone who wants to eat beforehand.

Here is the agenda for the meeting

Actions from last meeting minutes

Exe Kiteboarders funds and bank account

Website – transfer of Exe Kiteboarders domain

Election of new committee

RNLI Webcam

Landboard ban on the rec.

Possible Summer restrictions on the seafront

Events Calender

Social Events – Christmas Party