Local LIVE conditions
Everything Evolves – Boa 2016

Incredible what a difference a year makes. 2016 boa was 5 degrees warmer, blue skies and the normal trade wind pattern 15_20knots. However development is happening and we now see other kites, and more people on tours, bars opening up and a feeling of change. For sure the Island is still poor and lack of running water, electricity and decent hygiene an issue. We hope that the small amount of money spend in the bars and restaurants helps.

To have experienced boavista over the last 8 years we feel very lucky, there is nothing quite like remoteness. No WiFi, little provisions, dirt tracks and just some incredible kite surfing conditions. Big open beaches, not a soul to be seen and to witness sunset every nite and share with the group is special.
Coming on a kite surfers trip with edge is as much about the cultural experience as the learning. We now have 5 new kite foilers, a few new learners and great progression among the intermediates. As we get older the chance to learn new things becomes less, however there is nothing like being on the steep part of the leaning curve.
The final day of group 1 we introduced a downwind leg which was followed by an Incredible strava BBQ with the whole group at the favourite Beach, Ervatao.
There is no change over in this game, group 2 arrives on the flight that group 1 returns on. Let’s introduce more people to this amazing sport and incredible Cape Verde island. Let the innocence and Naivety continue. VAMOS