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Edge Team at Hunstanton BKSA Freestyle Round 3


Last weekend the Edge freestyle team made the road trip to Hunstanton in Norfolk for round 3 of the BKSA freestyle tour. The competition got off to a late start with no sign of any wind on Friday. Saturday morning was slow as we waited for the tide to go out, and prayed for the wind to pick up. With only a light breeze everyone started pumping up their biggest kites, when suddenly out of nowhere came a gusty 30 knots. Everyone had an epic session, and ‘sunny hunny’ lived up to its name. Sunday, however, was a different matter with showers and light winds making for some difficult heats.

In the juniors Jack Shoulder took 1st place again really raising the standard, his biggest crowd pleaser was the 5 front loop unhooked combo! With not quite enough wind to land his slims, Sam Moore from Westward Ho! took 3rd place. Well done to Sam and Jack, they are definitely proving to be the strongest Junior riders this year. George Shoulder, Jack’s younger brother competed in his first ever event, with very light winds on Sunday, George still managed to land some good tricks and is showing a lot of promise for future competitions.

Naish rider Ned Taylor competed in the men’s pros, Ned won two of his heats, beating Martin Hogg and Robin Snuggs in the runners up final taking 4th, and very narrowly missing 3rd. We’re looking for podium position next time Ned! This was my second competition in the ladies pros, the strong winds made it pretty exciting but I managed to take 2nd place which I was really happy about, and apparently it was close between 1st and 2nd!

Big thank you to Steph and Eric for supporting all of us with equipment and clothing! And letting us take the time off work. But lets face it with so many good results we are doing our bit for Edge publicity! Looking forward to Skegness this coming weekend.

Nicky Rudd