Local LIVE conditions

Its been windy for 43 days in a row but when it came to the 1st day of the Edge Race Cup the wind decided to have a vacation. With over 40 entry’s the morning Brief on Exmouth seafront was shortly followed by race 1. The Course Race boards sailed an upwind/downwind course however the rains came & this killed the wind meaning all had to be rescued & race 1 Cancelled. ‘Secret Ingredients’ provided all competitors with grilled scallops, mackeral & salads while sponsors- Atass demonstrated how solar power was keeping water cold in the fridge & how installations they were providing to houses also gave donations to Devon Air Ambulance. A superb beach scene was soon to get active again with the classic Stand Up Paddleboard Race. Heats were drawn & a series of knock outs provided the well deserved win – Tom Youle – who did it all in his stride. Close in 2nd place was Geoff Bowen & Oliver Bridge in 3rd.  Another brief spell of  west wind tempted all out again but it did not last &  we were all soon packing up & heading up river for the evening food & fun at The River Exe Cafe. It was a magic evening, great light & superb setting. Guy Bridge managed to make a profit on selling the rest of his flap jacks & brownies (thanks to Adam also who cleaned up) while Jack Shoulder decided nothing would get in his way when it came to alcohol! Thanks to all who gave Jack the chat & helped to keep his trousers up!!!

Sunday was way worse then ever predicted when it comes to sheer volume of rain & wind that was just a bit too strong to really acheive alot of racing. Combined with a swell that we have not seen since November, it was as if this was just not the best weekend to be running the edge race cup. However, with many people keen to race we set up a slalom in the river with many exciting heats & alot of beach action. Wipe outs, crashes & tired bodies returned to the beach & it was the very last 10 seconds that Oliver Bridge overtook Denzil in a close finish. 3rd overall was Steve Stubbs

A spot visit by the RYA was interesting timing however the slalom racing looked exciting, organised & it was something he was interested to see especially given the conditions. Gusts of over 30knots & everyone just wanted more- so a course was laid in the channel & we set off the course boards followed 5 minutes later by the directional boards.

Richard Gowers showed the fleet how it was done on his wave board in such extreme conditions- coming in 5th overall in race 1 against all the race boards . Darren Pompey had a superb couple of races, his skills from the past days shinning through.
It was a bit of ‘mis-fortune’ for Callum Edge- a little over- finned in the survival conditions. Denzil , Lee Harvey & Ben  Todd choose the right equipment & stole the races with overall winners Denzil 1st , Lee Harvey  2nd & Ben Todd 3rd overall.
Competition is fierce this year & there are lots of other competitive riders including Gareth Morgan, Jim Gaunt, James Longmuir, Henry from Mutiny and Paul Bisset. Conditions were still deteriorating so the day was called to an end at 2pm with prizegiving at 3pm

Thanks go to sponsors Atass Group, Pebblebed Vineyard, North kiteboarding, Xcel Wetsuits, Mystic Kiteboarding and Wind designs.