Local LIVE conditions

A couple of texts the night before, a quick look at the seaweed and guru and Eric & I were on a road trip to Gwithian with Dre (Andre Philip) the following day. Extra packed lunch for the 3 Bridgelets was made and strict instructions that they were not to go on the water till we returned from Cornwall!

After a meet & greet session in the cafe overlooking the lighthouse and some huge sets on the outer reef, we pumped our new 2009 Rebels which are just so the best kites EVER made.Me on the 9mtr and Eric on the 10mtr, we ride on strapless boards and hit some decent sections that even Felix would be happy with!

The Cabrinha team was made up of Chris Martin, Will Bennet, the european importers and Dre. Also out back were Dom from kitesurf mag and Pasty (lee). Everyone was on it, taking turns to get on some of the bigger sets and eat it till the end. The photographers were in the water and it was big Eric that was ripping better than anyone in these conditions. Eric came off the water super happy with his riding and just happened to inform me that he had also had Dolphins diving in front of him!

Surprisingly, Drey was strapped and looking good. Although I still think his heart and true skill is on the Sliders, I never saw anyone ever like him in the park!

After a couple of hours, it was time to say our farewell and hit the road East back for the after school session. Exmouth always seems rather tame when you return from Cornwall, I can not help thinking that one day Edge in Cornwall will have to happen! Even a Starbucks now on the A30, things do actually happen in the west.

Pictures to follow from Noserider. If you want to meet Dre and watch him in action then head to the Poole windfest this weekend, maybe there will be wind???