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Edge GPS Speed Challenge

*** Competition closing date now end of March ***

Well it had to happen the wind has finally arrived and we thought that we better have a pre Christmas GPS Speed challenge. Its open to both windsurfers and kitesurfers, we will have a prize for fastest windsurfer, kitesurfer and overall champion. There is a £50 credit for the champion in each category and the overall champion.

The rules are remarkably simple get out on the water and set your maximum speed. We are not bothered about anything technical like averages etc we just want the maximum. Then when you get to the beach switch your gps off and get round to Edge and provide the evidence. We will collect all the details and keep updating this news item with the ranking lists.

The closing date for completing your speed runs is Christmas Eve when we will declare the champion. If you don’t have your own GPS get in touch with the shop and organise to borrow ours. Top UK speed sailor Bob Cunningham has clocked 37.8 knots on Exmouth seafront, so there’s something to aim for! The best speeds logged so far are:

Bob Cunningham 39.63 knots Windsurfing 28/12/07 (pro class)

Chris Cunningham 36.7 knots Windsurfing 28/12/07

Eric Bridge 35.708 knots Kitesurfing 21/03/08

Simon Perks 34.0 knots Kitesurfing 28/12/07

Marine Andy 33.531 knots Kitesurfing 7/12/07

Paul Raven 31.413 knots Windsurfing 5/12/07

Steph 30.052 knots Kitesurfing 7/12/07

Ollie the Frenchman 28.0 knots Windsurfing 28/12/07

Andy 27.078 knots Kitesurfing 7/12/07

Tom Debenham 26.825 knots Kitesurfing 21/03/08

Carl Sawyer 25.5 knots Windsurfing 17/4/08

Neil Croft 25.1 Knots windsurfing 23-3-08

Tony Pike 24.6 knots Windsurfing 6/12/07 (Vet 70 class)

Good Luck