Local LIVE conditions
Duck Pond Bird Life

It looks like its going to be a busy weekend in the duck pond with good wind and tides in the morning and evenings.

I know its boring but can everyone make an effort to stay out of the bird zone to keep everyone happy and help to maintain our free access to the estuary.

The exclusion zone  is to  the east of the line of yellow buoys.  The reason for this is that this area is one of the few places that eel grass grows on the estuary.  This is the favourite food of the Brent geese that overwinter on the exe estuary.  Its important that they are disturbed as little as possible as they need to feed properly in order to survive the winter.

The exclusion zone is only in force for 3 months of the year (October-December) and applies to all watercraft including Kitesurfers and windsurfers.  Please have a word with anyone that doesnt know the rules.  Have a great weekend.