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Daymar Bay road trip

With a poor forcast of 12 knots northerly, we were surprised with the great turn out for a trip to Daymar on Sunday 25th Nov. Conrad Humphreys was first on the water with his new north 08 Rebel 12mtr and was ripping out on the Doom Bar. Everyone pumped quickly and we were all on the water by 10am! Daymar was pulling out the goods, the sun was out it was about to go off! The tide was ebbing until noon and a playful wave was to be had on the bar. Eric was pulling off airs that most people with straps on would be happy with!Son Olly was on his 7mtr rebel, working on the back loops. Andy Stevens soon got the hang of his strapless surfboard, making it look easy. Chris Jones pushes his level and kites smoothly and consistently on his surf board with one of the best looking kites on the water.( that is the new North vegas 08 )Stuart had a superb flat water session on his 12mtr airush vapour while Mike Shoulder had a early warm up- ‘skipping’ followed by some waterstart practice. Young Jack (nuggett) was pulling the biggest air of all on his Cabrinha Revolver and younger brother george ripped on the channel making some lovely toeside turns. The day was a great success and we thank everyone for making the trip down.