Local LIVE conditions

col-du-laurtet-small.jpgbridges-small.jpgtom-kite.jpgcol-kite-scene.jpgtom-small.jpgchris-small.jpgThe Edge Van loaded with as many foil kites ranging from 2.4mtr- 12mtr, harness’s, skis, snowboards, boots, avalanche bleepers,goggles, a tesco shop and the christmas cake got ready to go south on Boxing day 2008. First stop- Poole to collect Andy Gratwick, BKSA Trainer and owner of alll the computer games that any Bridglet would want on a 12 hr van trip to the Alp’s. Next stop Dover where we declared 1 extra passenger and to own up that the car that we had actually booked was in fact a van. No extra fee’s we roll on & tuck into a full english.

After 10 hours, 3 maccy dee’s, our fair share of abba & the Killers we arrive in the mountains ready for getting kites in the air first light.

le Bourg- d ‘Oisans is in the valley on the way up to Alp D’Huez & is convieniently situated for a 30minute drive to the Col du lautaret where we planned to snow kite. We rented an apartment in Bourg which had everything but a dishwasher & Wifi but it was big, cheap and super chilled.The road trip is amazing to get upto the col which is 2058mtrs and involves a fair climb past the famous La Grave (mejeve). Our first day the wind was blowing south east which is the favourable direction for the Col. It was going OFF, there was a big scene going on and we were about to get a amongst it! Ollie powered on the 4mtr switchblade, eric on the 10mtr Frenzy, Andy on the 10mtr naish stacked, Tom on the sting 3.3mtr and me on the 7mtr ozone frenzy. Guy waited for his turn.Within a few minutes we realised we needed something to stop snow getting up& down the gap between jacket & trouser- a belt or an old school suit or a wettie underneath! It was’nt long before we were getting around and realising the full potential of this amazing sport. Eric crusied up wind straight up a ridge to discover that it was at the next col about 2 miles away he could see way more kites- these guys had blasted up with the kite & would travelk back to the road kite packed down finding the best line! This is where it is at- ski pass on your back!

We soon learnt that you needed to sort your own shit out and that you could go anywhere you wanted. Havin a background in kitesurfing or powerkite is a must and also be prepared for a work out initially. The bridglets ripped and soon wanted to start sending it! eric pulled big floaters and carved with style while andy G worked on the BLT and jumps on the snowboard.— more to follow—–