Local LIVE conditions




I was invited to do a week’s coaching in Brazil and with so much hype about the place for many years I thought I should accept the offer and committ.
One thing that surprized me was the strength of the wind- it was a full wind machine from 9am till 4am everyday and most times we needed 4 & 5
mtr kites!Staying approx 4 hours north of Fortaleza, the area was quiet with huge empty beaches, cross shore conditions and miles & miles of
downwind potential. On a personal level I am not a fan of the classic’brazil downwinder’- I think there is something really satisfying getting
back to where you started but when learning then these journeys are pretty special.  For learning to kitesurf then there are no downwind hazards, sea creatures, rocks and, if the tide is right then the water is waist deep. If you want to kitesurf any part of the day & be sure to have wind then this is the place. We rented a fantastic ‘Beach House’ which overlooks the ocean and regular sessions back & forth the house made for a really relaxing learning experience. This is in Praia which is  close to Jericoacoara.  A small fishing village with little happening except a bunch of buggies blasting up & down the beach with kiters!  ‘Jeri’ is way more busy with cute brazilian shops, a bank , restaurants and a lively vibe. However, the kitesurfing is more gusty on this side.














Getting a spring tide week (full moon) will allow for some fun cross/onshore waves in the afternoons and ideal for learning.

We split the day with a morning session on 7mtr kites practicing freestyle, a break for lunch and some hammock time. Then enjoyed the late afternoon
till sunset session which normally involved heading downwind ending at Praia for a sundowner. For me, the 6-8am session was also really special since
I was able to practice on my foil in flatter water with less wind while keeping the fishermen amused with some hard crashes!
The only issue is the time it takes to get there! When I reach home to Exmouth I would have been travelling 24hous BUT since the time difference is not too bad, climatization is easy.
If you are thinking of heading to Brazil then I would really recommend this area for less crowds -but go prepared and take your smallest kite sizes since you will probably not need bigger than 7mtr!