Daily report
19th August 2019 :

Westerly airflow staying around 15knots all day. A few options but always best to be had off Exmouth Seafront for windsports again with LW 1600. Morning session for windsurfing at HW  (09.45am) off Exmouth Duck Pond or wait for the ebb for kites here – however will be gusty so take care. Learning to kitesurf then its the pond after 11am/ Maer rocks bay from 1500hrs or off Seafront LW. Evening wind also staying good off the front.  Paddlesports then head to the Duck Pond or do a downwinder, lighter winds from tuesday. Exe Hammer Entry Here. Check the final session of the youth academy Here  info@edgewatersports.com or phone : 07887882866

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Exmouth Sea Front

Exmouth Duck Pond

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Boa Vista 2019

A break from the winter and we made the annual pilgrimage to Boa Vista. An island we have been running kitesurf safari trips for the last 11 years.
We arrived to wind and sunshine so it was time to get off the plane and onto the water. A perfect way to start an epic week of adventure.
Our local guide, legend and man of all island knowledge,  Strava greeted us like old family friends. We also hired a bunch of 4×4 trucks to get to the best Beaches and travelled in a mass or dust to all the favourites.
A mid week trade wind switch off allowed people to surf, walk, paddle, snorkel and play tennis! Something that proved a poor move for ‘proff’ who gets  rather completive and picks up a complete rupture of the Achilles tendon!  Bad luck and a swift flight back to the UK to stabilize was doctors orders!!
As the trade winds build we embark on long days at Ervatao, our favorite kitesurf set up with cross shore winds and small fun waves to practice wave riding.
The huge progress made by all as they take on new skills such as surf board