Local LIVE conditions
Boa November 2010 – The Holiday that never ended

Trade wind reversal was the Edge Brief to clients prior to boarding the 5 hour flight to the Cape Verde islands. Little did we know that the wind switch off in Boa Vista was going to create such rain/flooding in Morocco and the huge disruption to transport in the Uk which would also leave us stranded on the island to endure more all inclusive & wind at last!!!

Tennis Rackets, Spear guns, SUP Paddles, Race boards, snorkels were all packed along with a bunch of kiters up for an adventure & keen to commit to the team atmosphere. A superb way to end our first day was a huge down-winder as the sun went down & all the group enjoyed endless turns as they went towards ‘Currel Velho’. Following a couple of  days on 14mtr kites the fun & games began with Paddle board trips to the island of Sal Rei while Tom Debo teamed a quad bike mission around the island thoroughly loved by all that had the nerve. A steep learning curve for many starting to get the hang of wave riding on the Paddle boards & it is Steve that gets the medal for the most perseverance, the funniest bit watching him in reverse.

Morning Pilates & Yoga with Justin (J.C) was one of the highlight’s for many people’s daily experience on Boa. 7am was about learning new moves including ‘scouce break stroke, threading the needle, stirring the pot & the mandatory press up plank. This was the 1st time that we increased in numbers as the week went on. Hopefully many will take this knowledge, dedication home to continue on the cold lounge floor. It was J.C that really made this new experience & his prescence will be missed on the next trip.

‘Danny’s beach’ – Bahia was the hang out spot for the bigger swell days mid week. However, it was not without morning visits to the busy SUP centre-Mar tine’s!!! With a broken rib, Eric took Doctor Tom’s advise which was keep the blood flow going & dialled his back hand riding. Along with Geoff, Darren was also a natural catching decent long rides. Excited about the development of the Island, ‘Strava’ the local guide/coach & route finder was over- enthusiastic with his approach to the time taken to get to different spots. The new highway to ‘Ponta Antonia’ in the north is yet to have the services built!

The final last days the breeze returned with always more wind in the south at ‘Ervatao’. A longer drive, but always rewarded by the stunning view from the top, fresh coconuts on the beach, Strava & Rob’s BBQ-ed Spear fish & one of the most special beaches on the island. Great progress made by Dave & Rob who was often seen with hat trailing out back or strands of beach string tying his board on.

As we re-live the funny quotes, experiences, drinking games, road trip & shared life for the last week we continue our extended journey back to the UK.  24 hour delay with Gatwick closed for snow meant that all had their best day kitesurfing of the holiday. However, imposed air strikes over Spanish airspace meant the plane did alot of re-routing & re- fuelling before an early morning landing at a very snowy wet cold Gatwick! BOOM – did’nt finish here- no baggage handlers on duty so a sleep on the floor for us kiters that just accepted that s—- happens!

Funny Stuff:  Evening smash & grab with complimentary pints of port provided by Giles//Strava informing us of new road to Ponta Antonia & only taking 20 mins//Mike Reece driving- always have loads of fuel, positive about direction & nothing is ever a problem//Geoff’s Point- How was that rebel 12mtr not trashed?/Geoff insisting we were flying back to Manchester!//Dave Birdict’s constant reports from the bad weather in the UK//Simon’s Stewart’s Breaking down with Quad bike, leaving it in the south of island//Tennis games of testosterone//Rob Sweating//’Drifting’ at Chaves

Despite the trade wind switch off, plane delay, re-routing round Spain the whole group made superb company always up for it motivated for other activities. Light wind kiteflying is what makes us better kitesurfers & all that put the hours in will reap the rewards back on UK beaches. Thankyou for all that joined us to make another memorable Boa Trip.