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BKSA Freestyle Brighton

Just back from the final BKSA freestyle competition in Brighton. The pros event was run on Thursday, which saw 8m weather with grey skies, and shore dump the size of a small lorry, I can’t say it looked inviting. Many riders took a beating. We all agreed it was probably the worst event conditions any of us had ridden in. Ned and I had the chance to ride our new Torches, (best C kites ever made!)

To my surprise I got through the shore dump 1st attempt in all my heats! I managed to bag 2nd in one heat, but had to settle for third overall, after releasing my kite as it was swallowed by a wave. Hannah Whitley from Manchester took 2nd place, and Ladies pro title went to Helen Thompson from Tiree.

Ned Taylor showed some good style, he shot through his heats making it to compete against Martin Hogg for a position in the final, after a really good heat Martin just beat Ned to make 3rd place, so Ned had to settle for 4th. At least he has been consistent! Lewis Crathern won the mens title and Sam Light took 2nd place.

The juniors went ahead on Saturday, with lighter winds and much less shore dump, but still challenging conditions. Sam Moore did really well taking 2nd place again on a sexy new 09 Torch. Jack Shoulder was not on top form coming 4th, but he still made it to 1st overall for 2008. George Shoulder has been kiting really well all year, and is showing alot of potential for next year.

Check out BBC website kite surfers riding high video, Ned starts the footage off!


All in all it was a great event, Aaron Hadlow rode on Saturday, showing us what makes him 5x World Champ.

Thanks to everyone who has made it a really successful year.

Nicky Rudd


Ned Taylor

Nicky Rudd


From Left, Nicky Rudd, Helen Thompson, Hannah Whitely