Local LIVE conditions


Leaving the UK  in middle of winter with 3 stars showing on wind guru, we board the 5 hr Thomson flight south to the remote island of Boa Vista. This really does feel like our second home now & with so much discovery over the years it is a great feeling to be sharing it with a bunch of enthusiastic kiters. Met by ‘Strava’ our local guide, friend & driver along with a handful other 4 wheel drive Toyota trucks. We hit the water for a quick hour following a speedy check in at the 5 star all inclusive & enjoy warm winds before darkness falls & the beer on tap.

Day 1 & we get the entry level riders up to Ponta Antonia in the north of the island. Other trucks head south to Ervatao & enjoy cross shore wave riding  & 9 mtr weather.

Day 2 started with a brief on surf board technique, wave riding, using the kites power to make bottom&top turns with style. Everyone embraced the day & really got to grips with linking turns. 3pm we buddied up & did the 8 mile downwinder to currel Velho. 15 kiters charged down & we only had a few incidents but many arrived challenged but really satisfied to have achieved it. Steve had  a final swim in following a deflating Orange Warroo & will next time remember to pack down shortening one of the lines first!

Day 3 was a superb day for Martin who really got the hang of board starts & made great progress at P. Antonia.

The afternoon session was a lesson to be learnt on my behalf &  I just should have known better! Approached by a couple of local Cape Verdians who greeted me like there best friend- reminding me that we kited together last year on some of the big wave days. They then tell me that they were going to kite from Ponta Antonia to Sal Rei & did I want to join them. Eric & I had always wanted to do this trip & with the group happy & ready for a lunch break I decided it would be a brilliant trip to do with Callum also.

Once one of the local kiters crashed their kite on the rocks before even leaving the bay -I should have turned back! It was full on challenging with big seas & travelling fast. Callum was racing as was I & we made great progress while also catching some waves off Santa maria (ship wrecks). As we rounded the north of the island & headed towards the port , the guy riding the toilet bag decided to drop it!!! Even with me rolling it over to get in the correct position it was not relaunching.

Callum sailed into Bahia to try to get a rescue boat while I stayed with the kiter. Time passed slow & I decided it was time to make decisions since we were both going downwind.  In order to get this guy anywhere near land we would have to ditch his kite at sea. It was Sunday & election day so I was not convinced that Callum would be able to even get a boat. I was just worried that we would not make land if we did not get a solid body drag with this guy. I had to inform him  that it was a crap kite & he should leave it at sea!!! (not thinking of a kite sale or anything)  So, after 4o minutes of dragging with the kiter (Claudia) a welcome relief of the noise of the rescue boat. That was it, I could now make the upwinder back into the port & think about many learnt lessons!!
Back at the Riu the rest of the team had enjoyed another superb day of wave riding & have decided that Ervatao is the best spot & they just want to go back tomorrow!

Day 4 & we had another early start for Ervatao. A concentrated session on wave riding & back loops ended in a few damaged kites. The committment has to go to Tom who spent the morning stitching his kite by hand on the beach. Ralf managed a superb back loop to crash & decided he would save that for another day!
Day 5 was a return to more north wind so a group split with Shipwrecks & ponta Antonia being the choice kite spots. Martin now going well to the left & starting to show real smiles. Vicky had her first kite lesson & showed great natural ability with the kite. Chris spent much time learning front loops & got especially good at relaunching the kite. An evening out at Spinguera we ate fresh fish & drunk Fogo wine while enjoying the peace & beauty that this place inspires.

Day 6 we embarked on a downwinder from Bahia To Chaves beach which for many just felt wrong. Heading out in Off-shore winds which would soon become cross shore as we travelled downwind. Although the conditions were not epic everyone managed the gusty downwinder & larger shore break as we approached the huge sand dunes at Chaves. Some dune drifting with the kites & we packed up to head for Ponta Antonia for the afternoon. Our evening out in Sal rei began early with drinks in Cacoa & Migrante & Julian relaxing us to his guitar talents. Super at the Blue Marlin was fresh lobster & an awesome atmosphere with especially Ralf  who kept us entertained with his definition of a ‘Free Spirit’.

Day 7 a reduced number for morning stretches but the wind was strong & it was time to hit the water for the final session before heading to the outdoor airport for the 2 minute transfer. So relaxed & a no stress atmosphere we wave goodbye to Strava & all the Boa memories of our windy week. Leaving the island with yet another epic forcast is always gutting. However, the superb thing is that we have days getting longer & we are already making plans for 2012 to head 18 degrees north! Thanks guys for making this trip happen.