Local LIVE conditions
Atom 08

I was able to get out on me surfboard at Westward Ho on Thursday. Classic Ho! conditions 25knots from the west and some choppy waves. Steph’s nicked most of my kites to take to tenerife so i got the chance to go out on the new flexi 08 atom.

Iwas using the 9m which for my size (pretty lardy) was perfect in that wind strength. The most noticeable thing about the kite was how easy it was to use. It is super stable with no sign of getting overpowered and deforming even in 30 knot gusts. Feedback to the bar is great with consistent bar pressure even with the kite depowered its really easy to know where it is.

For wave riding the kite is nice and quick to turn and very well balanced meaning you can forget it and get on with riding the wave. I didn’t test the jumping for obvious reasons (no straps).

Construction looks super solid and has one pump for easy setup. The bar is similar to previous flexi bars but is much softer on the hands than the previous bars.

Any downsides? The only issue i could find with it is the depower control is a long way off and even with long arms is a stretch to get to. This is less of an issue as you don’t need to touch it too much as the kite has loads of depower already.

If you fancy having a demo on this kite we have a 9m available, just give the shop a call.

Flexi Atom 2008