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2012 North Surf boards and Twin tips

We have just taken delivery of the first of the 2012 Twin tips and Surfboards.

We have the New 5’11” North X surf which looks to be perfect for the larger rider. Quad set up and the ability to conventional surf this board make this a very appealing product.

We also have the new Kontact and WAM in in the 6’1″ and 6’0″ which haveĀ  been tweaked for this year.

Also pictured is the New North Jamie 2012 which has got longer in sizes and has got the new north strap inserts which adjust to give the perfect strap position. Partnered with the newNorth Entity strap/pad combo this will give the ultimate in adjustability and comfort.

Other 2012 Products have been selling well with the new Rebel Proving very popular and the new bar looking really good. Added bonus for north 2012 products is the +6 warrenty where if you register your gear online you get your 12 month warrenty extended to 18 months.

You can order online here or come to the shop and check them out for yourself. We will a large selection of demo gear from the 2012 North range so if you want to try any of it get in touch with us – 01395 222551 or info@edgewatersports.com

We still have plenty of 2011 North stuff and its on offer so check it out here and save yourself some money!