Local LIVE conditions


Solid prevailing E/NE trade winds held strong for this 1st 2012 Boa Vista Edge safari. Now our 4th year on this Cape verde island & its like coming home! A spectacular arrival to see all the vans that we rent fully logo –ed up with ‘Edge Magnetic signs on the side of each van. Callum had arrived a day early on the Manchester flight & this was his new project that we were the first to be at the receiving end. Loaded up & on tour we head to the Morabeza bar & kite off the beach in glassy gusty but extremely fun off shore winds with all the group ‘wooing’ to be on the water so quick after our flight & making a good splash around the turtles home.

Cape Verde Edge Kitesurf Safari from Edgewatersports on Vimeo.

Staying at the Riu Toureg we kick off with a decent Pilates dawn session & traditionally load & make a plan for the day so that by 9.30am we are heading to the beach. The edge Safari is split most days so 2 trucks take to the north of the island where the wind is smooth & water flat while others head to Ervatao for a cross shore beach & small waves on the point. Group coaching is a relaxed way of pushing yourself to the next level & with the expertise of callum, Strava, myself & the new cannon 550D we correct many peoples stance, posture, jump technique, rolls, wave turns, tacks, gybes etc.
Afternoon down winders & the chance to kite to a different, often more special beach is enjoyed by the group. Evening de-brief’s around the bar while watching some of the footage is followed by an evening meal at one of the Riu themed restauarants. A welcome break on day 5 – a Lay day – for most was spent sleeping a hang over off!! saturday night is Disco night in Sal Rei & by 4am we all found ourselves whitnessing close dancing Boa vista style. The lay day allowed some to catch their first SUP wave, swim with the turtles or get involved with the 5 star all inclusive.
As I write now on the plane back to the UK we chat over the special experiences & for some ‘Life changing moments (even if it is discovering fish!). People are now kitesurfers & I am sure that their life will never be the same again. Kitesurfing is addictive as a sport however its also the people you share it with that make it special. A group of people that have shared so much in the last week & kited right up to the last hour! Its one big journey & if this was your first kite holiday – its really just beginning!

Thankyou to all for joining us in our ‘second home’ & for making this trip such a good success. Video HERE
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