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2011 Mystic Warrior 111 at Edge

The new Mystic warrior 3 harness has landed at Edge

Since 2004, the Warrior has been the benchmark high performance kite harness, and it just got even better, offering unparalleled comfort and load distribution combined with flexibility for ultimate freedom of movement, the completely redesigned Mystic Warrior 3 Kite Harness is now 300grams lighter and even stronger. But this year Mystic have focused most of their research and development on comfort.


– Quick Release Clicker Bar: 100% safe and 100% easy to use, the patent pending Mystic Clickerbar offers incredibly simple and reliable harness entry/exit.
– New Spreader Bar: the new design gives a new level of comfort during high wind riding
– NEW Handle Pass System: the Warrior 2 is supplied as standard with a PU tubed handle pass cord running around the back of the harness for easy leash attachment.
– Flex/Soft Edge: the sides of the harness are more flexible on key load distribution points. As a result the harness gives more freedom of movement and significantly reduces the likelihood of painful ribs. This combined with the new soft edge material which great improves long term comfort
– Thermo Moulded Foam: the harness interior is anatomically shaped for maximum comfort.
– NEW Battle belt – the highest quality webbing to easy slide of the buckle allowing easy adjustment with minimum disruption whilst riding.