Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)


Whether you know the sport as Paddleboarding, Paddlesurfing or Stand-up-paddlesurfing (SUP), it is set to become one of the fastest growing watersports about and is the perfect compliment to wind based sports. So for summertime fitness and fun it fits in perfectly for kite and windsurfers. However it isn't a sport reserved for hardened watersports fanatics as it is very easy, uncomplicated and accessible for anyone irrespective of their sporting background, age or sex.


The Background


Paddleboarding is an ancient form of surfing. It can be traced back to the very early days of Polynesia. It's most recent history dates back to the 1940's when the surf instructors on Waikiki beach used to stand up and paddle out to the break using a one bladed paddle. The reasons for this were 2 fold. First it allowed them to have a better visibility over their group of surfing students and allowed them to call the waves easier as their upright position meant that they could see the swell long before the prone surfers. Secondly it allowed them to keep their wealthy customers cameras dry and allow them to take pictures of them surfing. As time moved on board designs and fashions changed, the paddle was all but lost in the history of surfing.


Fast forward to the first part of this century and the paddle made a return to surfing in the hands of some of the world's most famous watermen. They were re-discovering stand up paddle surfing to allow them to keep in shape for the bigger days of tow surfing as well as adding a new dimension to their skills. Standing up and paddling out through the waves is a totally new experience, most of us are more used to lying down and ducking under the waves.


Paddleboarding (SUP) isn't restricted to riding waves and for many it's a great summer fitness tool as it provides a great all over workout helping develop core body stability, balance and cardiovascular fitness. As well as being great fun it gets you out in the elements rather than the gym.


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SUP with Edge


The Beautiful exe Estuary makes a fantastic training ground with beutifull flat water opportunities in the duck pond and estuary enabling trips up and across the rive for stops at lympstone or Cockwood for a drink. Because you are quiet and unthreatening you can get really get close to the wildlife and really feel at one with the environment.

 The seafront offers a different challenge with fast running currents in the channel and small to medium waves over the bar and at Sandy Bay to get into the surfing side of the sport.


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Taster session


flat water intro - based on 2 people - £35/per person (2 hours) 

For the novice try our flat water introduction sessions which includes all equipment (board, paddle & wetsuit if you need one).
Once you have mastered the basics enjoy the SUP safari or Hire a SUP

Sup Safari 


based on 2 people - £45/pre person (3 hours)

Fancy taking your SUPing a little further. Join us for a River Exe explore or head along the Jurrasic Coast. We take you to the best location for that given tide & wind and ensure you get amongst the nature showing some of Devon's gems while floating above the water. Experienced instructors will give you paddle technique, coaching & local information that normally ends with a floating Cafe or a pub on the river.


Paddleboard Rental


£25 based on 3 hours hire. Includes wetsuit, buoyancy aid etc


If you cant make a Friday night why not rent a paddleboard and get going on you own. You can either use them on the duckpond opposite the shop at high tide which is recommended for your first time or take them further afield. The cost is £25 per board for a 3 hour rental and wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are all included free of charge if required.


Paddleboard Sales


On our hire / demo fleet we have loads of different boards for you to try before you buy. You can then make an informed decision on what is the best board for you. This will depend on many factors such as your weight, if you are going to surf it or do more flat water cruising and whether you wish to windsurf it.


If you choose to buy following renting a board we will refund your rental fee. The shop stocks a range of paddles, boards, leashes and bags in fact all you need to get out there.



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