Daily report
Saturday 27th May :

If there is one day to kite it is today! Glam set up with outgoing tide until 1400hrs & East wind swinging SE & around 20knots. Exmouth Seafront from 11am best for kitesurfing & windsurfing then afternoon will also work for bigger kites & boards/ hydrofoils. Worth a look at swimming area for those arriving later, will be gusty but wind should stay today. It is great for learning to kitesurf -off Pole sands for most smooth wind & the bank should stay until 1600hrs.

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Opened in 2003 our shop aims to provide the best possible knowledge and products to ensure that your sessions are not let down by unsuitable equipment. We stock a full range of Wetsuits, Kites, Kitesurfing equipment, paddleboards, surfwear and much more. In these days of internet shopping we aim to provide a better experience, through our in depth knowledge of all the sports in our aim is to equip you with the best and most suitable equipment possible.

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The Shop Team

The EDGE Team are the guys that take care of the day to day running of things at Edge. The guys who will be at the end of the phone and helping guide you through your chosen water sport activity.

As with every great side, you must have some grass roots stuff going on! So the Edge youth team are the boys for the future!

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