Learn to Kitesurf!

Kitesurfing is one of the latest and most exciting watersports to hit the UK. Taking the best aspects of Surfing, Windsurfing and Wakeboarding and putting it into an adrenaline packed sport where you can ride big waves, jump really high, do low technical spins or just cruise. Kitesurfing is liked by many because of its accessibility - only needing a a 10mph wind and the equipment being very light and compact.


Based In Exmouth, East Devon, Edge Watersports is fortunate to be able to use a safety boat to teach in some of the best kitesurfing locations in the UK. Exmouth Seafront and Exmouth Duck Pond provide perfect waist deep, flat water which is crowd free and kitesurf-able in any wind direction making the best teaching conditions possible. The team at Edge Watersports couldnt be more experienced at providing watersports tuition with owners Steph Bridge being 4 x kitesurfing World Champion and Eric Bridge being a BKSA Instructor trainer and both having run watersports lessons on the Exe since 1991.


We at Edge Watersports pride ourselves at being able to provide the complete package to turn you into a safe and competant kitesurfer. Once you have completed your BKSA lessons, we offer a free lesson to familiarise yourself with the Exe and have the knowledge to get out on the water and practise. Our shop stocks a wide range of equipment and our knowledgable staff are always on hand to provide advice and information on the latest beginner package deal. Once you are ready with your own equipment we can offer supervised sessions getting you to the best location and keeping an eye on you whilst you take your first solo steps.

Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons


Edge Watersports aim to offer short 3 hour lessons on the water to cover the BKSA syllabus, which enable us to pick the best conditions to deliver the best quality lessons. Our teaching season runs 7 days a week from the end of March to the end of October and lesson times may vary during the day to get the best conditions. We use 2:1 and 1:1 ratios for our water lessons using the latest Kitesurfing equipment from North Kiteboarding, Ozone and Flexifoil which are chosen specifically to make the learning process as easy as possible. We provide all the equipment needed with the exception of wetsuit boots, but if you have any equipment bring it with you and we can use what is suitable for the conditions. Our lessons/shop are based at Exmouth Marina, only a short walk from Exmouth train station - which links to Exeter and the rest of the UK.


If you have done some kite flying or kitesurfing before have a look at the lesson descriptions below to choose the most suitable lesson for you. If you feel you are of a standard which falls between two of the lessons, we recommend going for a 1:1 lesson to enable the instructor tailor the lesson to cover the skills you have missed and improve the skills you have already gained.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Powerkites (land based tuition) - £40pp

Learning to fly a powerkite is the easiest way to grasp the fundamental controls of kitesports including kitesurfing and is alot of fun in its own right. In a two hour land based lesson you will learn about the principles of flying a foil kite in a safe environment, and will come away with a grasp of the kites controls and how its wind window works. From experience the more time a student has spent flying a powerkite the easier it is to progress with the water kites. Once you are confident with the power kite which will happen during this 2 hour introductory lesson, it is time to move on to lesson 2. This covers BKSA kitesurfing Level 1 part 1.


Lesson 2: Intro To Waterbased kite flying £130pp (Semi Private) or £190pp (1:1)

Confident flying a powerkite but not been in the water? This is the 3 hour lesson kitesurfing for you. Aiming to spend a lesson getting to grips with the controls and power of a kitesufing kite on its own before introducing the board in Lesson 3. The lesson covers learning how to set up the kite and lauch and land before heading straight into the water and getting your hands on the kite using the kite to skim you across the water (Bodydragging). We also cover using the kite to pull you accross the wind and with an emphasis on controlling the kite with one hand when not in the power zone. We aim to build confidence by using a smaller kite. To end the session we look at the deep water packdown technique which is essential knowledge should it all go wrong. This lesson covers BKSA Kitesurfing Level 1 part 2, 3 and 4.


Lesson 3: First Board starts £130pp (Semi Private) or £195pp (1:1)

Comfortable in the water flying a kitesurfing kite? In this 3 hour lesson we look to improve your kiteflying skills and introduce the board. Following a quick chat about the board we go straight into the water and refresh your kite flying skills. Then we look at the techniques of putting the board on your feet and gently diving the kite to give you the power you need to rise up onto the board. Starting gently with an emphasis on an efficient body position helps to ensure success at this stage. This lesson covers BKSA kitesurfing level 2 parts 1 and 2.


Lesson 4: First rides £130pp (Semi Private) or £195pp (1:1)

Had a go at putting a board on your feet and had a go at getting going? This 3 hour session aims to make you into an independant kitesurfer capable of getting out on your own and being able to keep riding along for a short distance. All done in the water we get you in control of both the kite and board, allowing you to practice retrieving the board, walking safely upwind with it, as well as launching and landing. We also improve your board start techniques and introduce the theory of prolonged power delivery and good stance which are the key to a successful longer ride. Once you have succesffully completed this lesson you should have the practical skills need to be an independent kitesurfer and have covered BKSA Kitesurfing level 2 parts 3 and 4.


Intermediate/Advanced Coaching £195per 3hr 1:1 tuition

Once you have done your lessons and are progressing onto intermediate/advanced level we can still offer tuition to aid your Progression. We can offer any lesson from toeside riding, jumps, rotations to racing and waveriding. You won't believe how a bit of 1:1 coaching can push you're learning and riding to a new level. All our instructors are top level riders including mulitple World Racing Champion Steph Bridge and UK Pro Freestyle Champion Ned Taylor and they particularly enjoy coaching 1:1 at higher levels. It is essential to be really flexible with these lessons to make sure you get great conditions to progress.


Kitesurf Hydro FoilingKite Hydrofoiling Coaching £195per 3hr 1:1

Kite Hydrofoiling is one of the newest and most exciting elements of kitesurfing that is exceling in the light wind and race side of this exciting sport. The feeling of floating on top of the water in absolute silence is unreal and can really only be compared to riding in the softest powder snow. Although this sport is not easy to pick up with a lot of practise and some key tips from our confident instructors we will have you up and getting your first rides on the hydrofoil after a couple of hours!

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