Daily report
23rd May 2018 :

Its another incredible summers day with Light NE winds & very little thermal winds. Hot & ideal for a paddle or kayak with HW 14.15 – get in the river around this time or evening session off Exmouth Seafront with LW 1800. HIRE £25 SUP or Kayak.

Entry Edge Race Cup: Here

Entry King Of The Exe: Here

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Dakhla- Morocco – Youth Olympic Qualifyers

A huge well done to the team GB youth twin tip racing team in #Dakhlaafter many days TwinTip:Racing, the Exmouth boys and girls scored some great results.

It was Disappointment for Bridge Tom as he tore knee ligaments after he put a second placed position on the score board. However was not able to race again which left the top 4 place’s open wide and gave team GB a bigger challenge to try to qualify their country.

Eddie Hooper and Ben Daffin just absolutely embraced the high level of competition and steadily improved their ranking all week ending overall.
Rachael, who has only been kitesurfing for 2 years had perhaps the biggest challenge. With less experience and less training the higher winds suited the bigger+ stonger riders. However, Rachael showed real dedication to the event and proved that with some hard work between now and China she too can be in with the fight.

A superb experience to ride amongst all the European countries & train on the lagoon of Dakhla. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of: Kitesurfing Armada Edge Watersports North Kiteboarding International Ozone Kites Cabrinha UK Fat Face British Kitesports Association North Kiteboarding UK Team #exekiteboarders

A massive thanks to Guy Bridge who stood for hours training, encouraging, launching and to Katie Hooper and Emma Daffin for their moral support. And most important to all the organisers, Volunteers, athletes & coaches for allowing the youngsters to have such a great life experience.@Markus Schwendtner IKA Events Dakhla Attitude